Whatever your COVID school situation, you’re still going to be faced with that age-old traumatic question that parents face every single school morning, every single year. (It’s just that this year, it’s tinged with a little more anxiety than usual)!

“What the heck do I pack for my child’s lunch?” This is especially fraught because:

 a) we’re in a pandemic; b) you’ve neglected to shop for groceries recently and c) you didn’t make a lunch the night before and now it’s morning and you have 5 minutes: GO!

As far as COVID goes, it depends on your child’s school policies. Some schools are asking that kids bring their lunches in a sealed container and of course, no sharing.

On the days when you might actually have some time to plan your kids’ meals ahead, we have a couple of really great recipes for you from Chef Shen Ousmand at McEwan Fine Foods, linked below. Healthy, delicious and nutritious, your kids will love them – and it’s fun to get them involved. Studies have shown that kids are more likely to try different foods if they’re helping with the ingredient selection and the meal prep!

On those days when you’re time-crunched and your last grocery order is a distant memory – we have the perfect solution! (Surprise! It involves us!).

At The Kids Table, you’ll find yummy meal choices for any time of the day…including school lunches. They’re made with the freshest ingredients available, with no added nuts, nitrates or preservatives* – chef-crafted by McEwan Fine Foods exclusively for The Kids’ Table. Most of the meals and snacks come securely heat-sealed in a recyclable meal tray.

turkey wrap
It’s Always Thanksgiving Turkey wrap
broccoli salad
Broccoli Waldorf Salad
chicken dumplings
Chicken Dyno-Mite Dumplings

“It’s Always Thanksgiving Turkey Wrap” and our “Nicole Bowl” healthy salad are two great “ready to eat” meal choices. And for snacks, the Broccoli Waldorf Salad”, the Chicken Dyno-Mite Dumplings” and the Cauli-Tots” are popular picks. Satisfy their sweet tooth with the or the TKT Snackin’ Cookie”.

If a hot lunch is what you’re after, heat any of our “ready to heat” meals in the morning before school and then put into a thermal container for your child to enjoy later. Some of our kids’ top picks for lunch are Grilled Cheese Supreme”, Beef Bourguignon Forever, Gobble Gobble Meatballs and Say Cheese Chicken Caprese.

grilled cheese
Grilled Cheese Supreme
beef and noodles
Beef Bourguignon Forever
spaghetti and meatballs
Gobble Gobble Meatballs

We at The Kids’ Table know you’d probably rather send your child off to school with a home-made lunch. For the times when that’s just not possible, we’ve got your back at thekidstable.ca!

Here are 2 of Chef Shen’s awesome kid-lovin’ recipes – enjoy!

*Meals are made in a facility that is not allergen-free