Many of us have fond memories of being at “the kids’ table”.

When our extended family and friends got together at someone’s house, unless that family’s dining room table had a LOT of leaves, a separate table would be set up for “us kids”.

Some of us wanted to “graduate” from the kids’ table and sit with the adults. Others never wanted to leave. The kids’ table was often so much more fun! Really, when was the last time you saw milk come out of a grown woman’s nose when she was laughing with her mouth full?

And the food! Usually, when Family A’s recipes were pitted against Family B’s, and potluck meant cooks jockeying for “best buffet dish”, everyone won. Especially the kids! My mom never made lasagna from scratch, but my Uncle did, and boy, did I love it! My mom was no slouch though – she made the best blueberry pie.

Sitting at the kids’ table usually meant you ate first. And many times you could get away with eating just what you felt like eating…’cause those adults were having so many boring conversations among themselves, they barely noticed what the little ones were up to. After your tuna casserole and roast chicken dinners, you could be three desserts in before one of the moms noticed you were wearing an apple pie/ice cream/butter tart grin.

Occasionally, the adults had a good juicy story or two worth listening to and we would perk up our little ears to hear about Aunt Judy’s “problem” or what trouble cousin Michael was in now.

Now that we’re adults, we’re the ones setting up the kids’ tables at big family events. And don’t we feel just a little bit envious sometimes, when we’re seated at the adult table listening to George’s (fourteenth) rendition of the band he started when he was sixteen – and the kids are having a great time at their own, special table.

We here at The Kids’ Table hope you also have fond memories of that table.

 It’s that same sense of fun and yummy, interesting food, together with our commitment to healthy, nutritional meal options that makes us such a great choice for your family.

So whether you’re looking for school lunches, snacks, dinners at home or meals on-the-go for your children – please join us at The Kids’ Table for healthy mealtime adventures delivered right to your door!