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Our Story

As a busy working mom, Nicolette Flemming, co-founder of The Kids' Table, often felt meal-time stress.
She'd come home exhausted after a full day and scramble to come up with a hot healthy dinner for her
two children.

Joan Butler often felt the same way in her busy household. She'd be cleaning up after dinner and trying
to figure out what to put together for her kids' school lunches the next day.

A number of years later, Nicolette's now-adult son, lan, came to his mom with an idea for a kids' meal
delivery service.Nicolette and her friend Joan jumped in, and The Kids' Table was founded.

"We wanted to offer parents the chance for another meal-time option. When life gets crazy busy,
sometimes you need a little help".
- Nicolette Flemming, Co-founder of The Kids' Table.