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Top Kids’ Picks!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Crispy baked tender chicken with McEwan’s famous mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables

Yes Please Mac ‘N Trees

Extra-cheddar-cheesy macaroni with lightly steamed broccoli “trees”

Chicken Dyno-Mite Dumpling

Authentic Japanese chicken gyoza with side of soy sauce

Sweet Potato Parfait

A Sweet Surprise! Delightful layers of sweet potato, whipped cream cheese and jam, with a granola topper.

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How It Works

Stress-free kids’ meals are just a click away!

How It Works

Stress-free kids’ meals are just a click away!

Choose Your Meals

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We Deliver To Your Door
We deliver meals on Sundays in our returnable cooler bags.
The Food Kids Love
Whether Ready to Eat, Ready to Heat or Freezable, our meals are perfect for school time, dinner-time, anytime!

Why The Kids’ Table?

Chef-Crafted Just For Kids

The culinary team at McEwan Fine Foods
work their magic in the kitchen for
healthy food kids WANT to eat

We Deliver to Your Door

When it comes to yummy school
lunches, dinners, and snacks…
we deliver!

We Love Our Planet Too!

With our cooler bag rotation system,
we collect, sanitize & re-use our bags.
Our meal trays are recyclable.

Real. Good. Food.

A fresh, healthy take
on the food kids love!


The kitchen wizards at McEwan Fine Foods bring
their considerable talents to creating healthy, flavourful
meals that kids, even picky ones, love.

At The Kids’ Table we choose only the freshest
fruits and vegetables and buy local produce in season;
use only whole-grain products; cook with lean meats
and add no artificial colours, sweeteners,
or nitrates to our meals.

Here’s what kids & parents are saying about #thekidstable

It really helps a busy mom like me esp of thinking what to cook as recently I find myself just repeating same meal over and over

Livindafam - Leslie, Mom of 2

Meal time was always a struggle and now I don’t need to worry. Thanks Kids Table!!

Roksana - Mother of 2

The meals are so well thought-out and flavourful that the Mister and I have been having major meal envy.

Foodie Family - Armana, Father of 2

I am over the moon that we have found a solution to our meal time dilemma. Max is a picky eater and I often find myself cooking separate meals for him.

Aleks - Mom

The Kids’ Table has created meals and snacks that aren’t just healthy, but also fun, creative, affordable, and kid-approved too!

Casey Palmer - Father of 2 Sons

As a vegetarian, Penny loved the Butter Chick Pea Delight, and Fitz loved the Chicken Dyno-Mite Dumplings! My kids will definitely be packing these to take to school for lunch…

Chantel - Mom of 3

We have been testing out the menus all week and my kids have given their stamp of approval

Alison - Mom of 5

Isla was the most picky eater ever but now she’s devouring tofu and cauliflower. I also like that the meals are big enough for both Teddy and Isla to split which is a life saver!

Gill - Mom of 2 and 4 year olds

Otto couldn’t get enough of the Spaghetti Cupcakes, now I can finally give him something he loves and I don’t have to cook it!

Mercedes - Mom of 6 year old

Made with fresh local and in-season ingredients and no added artificial colours, sweeteners, or nitrates meal service delivery for kids is a must try!

Yashy - Mom of 2

Finally, a meal company just for kids! They actually listen to what kids AND parents want, with super yummy but also wholesome and nutritious meals!

Toni - Mom of 10 year old

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Healthy mealtime adventures delivered right to your door